Our goals

Our Mission: is to provide honest and powerful information to improve the way people look after their dogs.

Our vision: is to prove a better understanding of your dog and a more natural way of life can make you both happier and healthier.

Lifestyle and environmental factors are the main determinants of health in humans and in dogs. Typically, common ailments that plague our dogs, such as allergies, cancers, kidney and liver diseases, pancreatitis and many others can be traced back to poor diets.

I am committed to using evidence-based recipes from nature to deliver effective solutions to your dog’s bowl. Using clinically proven ingredients and best practices from the most up to date research, we can get you your happy healthy dog back.

About Cam

From dog runner and dog day care owner to expert dog nutritionist.

I’m Cam and I’m a dog nutritionist. I know, you probably didn’t realise dog nutritionist existed and that’s understandable; we’re new. Let me tell you how it happened and how I can help.

I left a job in the city to become a dog runner and dog day care owner, and it transformed by life. Dog’s transformed my life. I became more grounded, present, and aware of the importance of our most basic needs. To my surprise, caring for dogs gave my life more meaning than I could have imagined.

During this time, I realised a large proportion of my client’s dogs were suffering from chronic inflammatory illnesses, especially related to digestion. Sadly, life expectancy in dogs actually extremely low and rates of degenerative diseases and cancers are increasing.

Having seen my best (human) friend defeat cancer, utilising diet as part of his therapy, I decided to earn a degree in canine nutrition training to see if I could apply the same principles to dog health. 

It’s been 3 years since I passed my degree and set up my business and I’ve learned more about dog nutrition every day since. I’ve committed my life improving the health of dogs through the miracle of food.

My goal is correct the misinformation surrounding canine health, so owners can make the most accurate choices about what’s best for their dogs.


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