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about Cam, The Dog Nutritionist

Dip. Canine Nutrigenomics

Since qualifying as a dog nutritionist in 2017 I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs, suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Each case is unique, requiring time and research to fully understand. I choose to work with the owner to find a bespoke solution and feeding plan. Repeating this process hundreds of times has given me a unique insight into the individual needs of dogs.

My aim is simple, to support dog owners in taking back control over the health of their dog through food. I’ve committed my life to achieving this goal and I’m proud to have helped countless owners and dogs in the process.

I’m on a mission to shed light on misinformation in canine health, so owners can make science-backed decisions about their dog’s nutrition

Lifestyle and environmental factors are the main determinants of health in humans and in dogs. Typically, common ailments that plague our dogs, such as allergies, cancers, kidney and liver diseases, pancreatitis and many others can be traced back to poor diets.

I am committed to using evidence-based recipes from nature to deliver effective solutions to your dog’s bowl. Using clinically proven ingredients and best practices from the most up to date research, we can get you your happy healthy dog back.

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