Tales of wagging tails.

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It’s so simple, the ingredients are all natural and functional and I trust they’re there for one reason and one reason only, to help nourish Donna.

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Spending hundreds and giving him medication like steroids but once we followed Cam’s recipe, it was an instant change we have never been to the vet since.

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We have to say it’s the best thing we ever did, Murphy our now 18 month lab is better in every way his coat ,muscle definition, stool just to mention a few.

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After being on the diet for a few weeks her coat lost the bristly streak up the middle of her back. Another bonus is that I also stopped having to pick up gooey and loose stools.


I have fed my 4 dogs a homemade raw food since 2006. However since using Cam’s plan they are happier, healthier and look better. Interestingly I never have the problem of them scavenging left over food in the park – as they know what good food is


We contacted Cam after our 3 year old Fox Terrier had had two episodes of acute pancreatitis and we wanted to find some advice on how we could best help her and avoid any flare ups in the future.

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Our 10 1/2-year-old Doberman named Neo was first diagnosed with copper storage disease and chronic arthritis in November 2020. This was following a seven day stay in a veterinary hospital when we were informed that the prognosis was guarded…

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Pickles wouldn’t have seen her 11th birthday if it hadn’t have been for ‘the dog nutritionist’ – thank you Cam Wimble with all my heart and our vet thanks you too, she is now busy giving your details to all her renal failure clients.

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My dog, Cuki, was struggling for around a year and a half with all kinds of allergy problems. She also had a mammary tumor removed from her. The vets have tried giving her all kinds of pills, foods, and solutions that would maybe help her. Everything was so temporary, Cuki was constantly sick, tired and unhappy. I was losing all hope.

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Seth, my lovely 4 year old Saluki, was on a high meat raw diet when he developed cysteine bladder stones and was very unwell. The vet told me to put him on Hill’s canned food which is very expensive and frankly, when I looked at the ingredients, full of things I would never feed a dog…