The Poo Swap and The Gut Microbiome

A poo swap.  Unfortunately, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Transplanting poo from a healthy dog into a sick dog via fecal suspension. Sounds grim, but poo swapping has been used for centuries to treat diarrhoea and constipation. Recently, practitioners have begun prescribing the treatment for a broader range of conditions that commonly affect modern […]

Brain Games: The Muffin Tin Game

Whether your dog is an old timer looking to stay sharp, or a pup with excess energy – brain games like the muffin tin game can be a great way to keep them mentally stimulated. It is a well known fact that dogs need physical exercise. If you are a current dog owner you know […]

What’s In The Bowl: Dog Pizza

We are making a gluten free, whole foods, all natural Dog Pizza!   I think being able to change your mind is a good thing and I have to admit, whilst I normally don’t go in for shinnanigans like dog pizza I had loads of fun. I think that at times, we over-humanise our dogs, […]

What’s In The Bowl: Home Made Super Dog Food Meal

Cooked Chicken Pomegranate Super Food!     Your dog will love this home made cooked superfood recipe! (prep time 15 minutes)   In this super-functional, home-made dog food recipe, we’re going to use ingredients that you will typically have lying around the kitchen to make an unbelievably healthy meal for your dog. Ok, not all […]

Skin and Coat Boost Recipe

Bleu scaled 1

CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD SKIN AND COAT BOOST RECIPE     Download the PDF now and start your journey together!

Homemade dog food diets for dogs with Leishmaniasis

Leish 1

The ressurgance and management of Leishmaniasis is rooted to the quality of the diet being consumed. I’ve condensed all my research into a simple article to help you make the best decisions possible for your dog.   What is Canine Leishmaniasis? Leishmaniasis is a parasitic infectious disease with a long history of infecting both humans […]

Everything you need to know about canine cancer.


Due to my stance on this matter, I get regular abuse online, especially from Vets. I get accusations of lying for profit, trying to report my Facebook page, leaving negative reviews of my business and even trying to shut it down. All because I tell the truth.

Homemade dog food diets for dogs with Pancreatitis.


Creating a homemade diet for a dog suffering from kidney disease is not easy. The reason being kidney disease in dogs is extremely individual and is very much dependent on how exactly your dog’s kidneys have been damaged.