The Poo Swap and The Gut Microbiome

A poo swap.  Unfortunately, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Transplanting poo from a healthy dog into a sick dog via fecal suspension. Sounds grim, but poo swapping has been used for centuries to treat diarrhoea and constipation. Recently, practitioners have begun prescribing the treatment for a broader range of conditions that commonly affect modern […]

What’s In The Bowl: Dog Pizza

We are making a gluten free, whole foods, all natural Dog Pizza!   I think being able to change your mind is a good thing and I have to admit, whilst I normally don’t go in for shinnanigans like dog pizza I had loads of fun. I think that at times, we over-humanise our dogs, […]

What’s In The Bowl: Home Made Super Dog Food Meal

Cooked Chicken Pomegranate Super Food!     Your dog will love this home made cooked superfood recipe! (prep time 15 minutes)   In this super-functional, home-made dog food recipe, we’re going to use ingredients that you will typically have lying around the kitchen to make an unbelievably healthy meal for your dog. Ok, not all […]