When it comes to your dog's health...

How it works

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Step 1

Select the health concern your dog is experiencing.

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Step 2

Fill out the detailed health assessment form to give us all the info we need.

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Step 3

Receive a full meal plan with bespoke recipes and recommended supplements within 48hrs.


Step 4

Work through the plan with canine nutritionist assistance throughout.

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The hard truth.

47% of dogs will die from Cancer

– Veterinary Cancer Society

80% of dogs eat processed long-life food. 70% of dogs are obese and these obese dogs die two years younger than healthy dogs. Incorrect dog nutrition is driving disease and illness.

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What the humans say...

“After a year of constant vet trips with no real resolution, my dog now has a complete diet which she is excited to eat and is on no medication despite the fact that the vets said she would probably need it for the rest of her life.”

— Rebecca Ayoub

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