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Problems with digestion can be explosive and an upset tummy can mean an upset dog. Two problems that need to be resolved right away. Let’s stabilise their digestion and provide a simple but unique diet that works for your dog.

When you purchase the Digestion Guide you are buying a one hour consultation call with me, The Dog Nutritionist, plus a further month of check-ins, and total access to my extensive experience and knowledge. Together, we’ll make perfectly balanced, functional, homemade meals for your dog. I’ll show you how to implement the healthiest possible diet based on your dog’s breed, size, age, condition and preferences. 

Alongside your consultation, I’ll provide bespoke, easy to follow recipe books and information packs that are formulated for your dog and can be referred to throughout their life. The ingredients in my recipes are perfectly balanced, natural, and can be bought at any local supermarket. The ingredients are also cheaper than most store bought fresh dog foods, and can be used in large batches to ensure feeding your dog homemade meals is time and cost efficient. Throughout this process, I will be available for catch up calls and check-ins to see how your dog is reacting to the diet.

With my guidance, feeding your dog homemade, functional meals is simple, easy, enjoyable and effective.

Remember, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service there is a money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Let’s get your happy healthy dog back.

What this includes

  • 1 hour consultation with The Dog Nutritionist
  • 1 month of check in’s with The Dog Nutritionist
  • 1 bespoke recipe book (at least 6 unique recipes)
  • 1 feeding plan with complete and everyday recipes based on your dog’s unique profile
  • Information pack on Allergies
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Food Transition Guidance
  • A money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service

Why Choose The Dog Nutritionist.

Since qualifying as a dog nutritionist in 2017 I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs, suffering from a variety of illnesses. Each case is unique and requires time and research to create a bespoke feeding plan, I then work continuously with owners until we find a solution together. Going through this process hundreds of times has given me a unique insight into what it takes to feed your dog a perfect diet. 

I decided to study as a dog nutritionist to lead a revolution in the way we feed our dogs, making it simple and easy for owners to take back control of their pets’ health. I’ve committed my life to achieving this goal and I’m proud to have helped countless owners and dogs in the process.

The problem with normal dog food.
Many modern, inflammatory, processed dog food diets are dangerous for dogs. 47% of dogs are dying from cancer and the average life span for dogs is decreasing. Lifestyle factors, and especially, what we feed our dogs, has a huge role to play in their longevity and health.

How It Works
  1. We’ll start with an initial call where I get to know everything possible about your dog including the health problems they face, the origin of their issues, and their current diet and lifestyle. We’ll discuss the plan for your dog’s new diet, the process of introducing it and the hurdles we may face. Before we finish our call you’ll have a chance to ask any questions you might have.
  2. Within one working week of our call I’ll email you with a plan for your dog including a bespoke recipe guide and information pack detailing your dog’s condition as well as any other relevant guidance.
  3. After this point you will be responsible for introducing the new diet for your dog, but you won’t be alone. If you have any questions or problems I will be available to help via email. We can also schedule check in calls to restrategise if we need to.
  4. You get to watch as your new diet transforms your dog’s life for the better.

Why the Digestion Recipes?

Bespoke and simple to follow diet, choose either cooked or raw food recipes.

One Month consultancy from The Dog Nutritionist

The best natural supplements recommended for boosting healthy digestion.

Homemade treat recipe for boosting gut health and digestion.

We offer a money back guarantee. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Nutritional Breakdown

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Other nutritional info

  • Contains natural pro/ prebiotics
  • Easily digestible and enriched with natural anti-inflammatories
  • High in soluble fibres

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