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A home visit is the best way for Cam to get a full understanding of your dog’s life and how their diet needs to support them.

This is the ultimate service that permits for the creation of a truly longevity extending diet, the best your dog can get.

Included in the house visit, Cam will supply all the equipment needed to make homemade “super” dog food and will spend time teaching yourself or your staff how to prepare meals for your dog/s.

For more information on how Cam can help you, please do get in touch.

Why the Home Visit?

A full health assessment of your dog and their lifestyle.

Learn about optimal canine lifestyle for longevity and long term health.

Lesson on how to make dog food, the best of the best food, simple.

An experience to bring dog & owner closer than ever.

A happy and healthy dog, is a happy and healthy human.

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