Joints & Mobility Boost


Are you spending a fortune every month on supplements for your dog’s skin and coat issues?

If you’re hoping for maximum effect and also value for money, why not try changing the other 99% of their diet?

Spending a little extra a month on their diet is the best way to give your dog the nutrition they really need.

Try our free joints and mobility boost recipe, either add it to meals or use it as whole dog food meals.

Functional Nutrition

Simple to make

Cheaper than premade

The Healthiest Option

About The Dog Nutritionist

BA Hons Dip. Canine Nutrigenomics

Since qualifying as a dog nutritionist in 2017 I've worked with hundreds of dogs, suffering from a variety of illnesses. Each case is unique and requires time and research to create a bespoke feeding plan, I then work continuously with owners until we find a solution together. Going through this process hundreds of times has give me a unique insight into what it takes to feed your dog a perfect diet.
I decided to study as a dog nutritionist to lead a revolutions in the way we feed our dogs, making it simple and easy for owners to take back control of their pets' health. I've committed my life to achieving this goal and I'm proud to have helped countless owners and dogs in the process.

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