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    Dave's weight had dropped to 15.9kg. It started with digestion issues from medicine and then nothing the vet suggested fixed Dave


    Back up to a healthy weight following The Dog Nutritionist method

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How food saved Dave's life and can keep your dog in the best health

Imagine being in Keely's shoes. Her beloved dog, Dave, was fighting for his life, and she was desperately searching for a lifeline...

The situation was dire. Dave had undergone surgery and was prescribed antibiotics, but instead of improving, the antibiotics had given him severe digestion issues, leading to runny poo.

The dry food recommended by the vets did little to help. As Dave's health continued to deteriorate, he was even prescribed chemotherapy tablets, and his weight dropped drastically...

Keely had already spent £20,000 on vet bills (some covered by insurance), and still, there was no relief in sight. It was a nightmare, and Dave's life hung in the balance. Her heart ached with worry as she watched her furry companion suffer.

Little did she know that hope would come in the form of proper nutrition advised by me. But really, the real hero is Keely who chose to follow the food science I taught her.

You can hear Keely tell her story in the video at the bottom of this page.

Dave's story could have taken a tragic turn if it weren't for our intervention...

The truth is, without the right guidance and nutrition, Dave's life was at risk. But with my help, Dave not only survived, he thrived. And Keely learned how to be his healer.

Dave's transformation was nothing short of remarkable. He regained his healthy weight, his energy levels soared, and his zest for life returned. His coat gleamed with health, and his joints were no longer a source of pain. It's a testament to the incredible benefits of my feeding method.

You may wonder, can this method work for your dog too? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether your furry friend is currently facing health challenges or you simply want to proactively ensure their well-being, my approach can make a world of difference.

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You can listen to Keely, Dave’s owner, tell her story in the video below.

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