For a happier & healthier dog.

Perfectly balanced recipes and diets for dogs.


Our dog food recipes are based on the most up to date & accurate research on dog nutrition. That means using ingredients clinically proven to target your dog's health concern.


Homemade dog food meals are inspired by nature & formulated with canine nutrition science. All meal plans and advice from The Dog Nutritionist are 100% natural.

Stress Free

Get the expert canine nutritionist advice you need to be confident about your dog's health. We’ve balanced the nutrients & created easy to follow homemade dog food recipes & meal plans.

Tired of trips to the vets?

Is your dog suffering from symptoms like itching or diarrhoea?

Are you tired of picking up smelly or runny dog poo?

Are you constantly spending money on trips to the vet and medication?

Need expert and trustworthy dog nutritionist advice?

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Natural, whole foods can improve your dog's health.

We make your life simple.

Get easy to follow dog food meal plans and expert dog nutritionist advice.

My goal is to ensure your dog has the happiest and healthiest life possible by using simple & functional dog nutrition.

How it works?



Find the feeding plan that’s right for you or book a consultation with Cameron, a canine nutrition expert.



Receive a meal plan specifically formulated for your dog, with all the information, recipes and support you need.



Watch how canine nutrition science can transform your dog’s health.

Benefits of a natural diet

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About The Dog Nutritionist

BA Hons Dip. Canine Nutrigenomics

As a pet nutritionist it’s my job to empower you, the owner, to make the best choices for your dog's long term health.

I'm committed to using evidence-based natural recipes that deliver effective therapeutic solutions, right to your dog's bowl.

Holistic natural healthcare is the most effect way of keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Love at first bite

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