Shipping Policy


 Upon the completion of an order on our website, our dedicated team initiates a meticulous order processing procedure within 1-2 business days, excluding weekends and public holidays. This includes thorough verification, stringent quality checks, and careful packaging to ensure the quality of each product. Customers receive email notifications at various stages, from order confirmation to shipment tracking details upon dispatch. Our commitment is to prompt and transparent order processing, aiming to provide a seamless and reliable shopping experience. 

For specific inquiries, customers can contact our customer service team, ensuring their trust in our services is met with efficiency and care throughout the entire order fulfilment process.


 2.1.     Our commitment to efficient and timely service extends to our delivery timelines. For all destinations within the United Kingdom, we guarantee a swift delivery time of 2 working days from the date of order processing, excluding weekends and public holidays.

2.2.     This commitment applies to all orders, regardless of the chosen shipping method, reflecting our dedication to providing a consistent and reliable delivery experience for our customers.

2.3.     The 2 working day delivery timeframe is calculated from the moment the order undergoes processing, ensuring clarity and precision in communicating the expected delivery window to our valued customers.

2.4.     We understand the importance of timely delivery, and this assurance is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. This information is communicated to customers during the checkout process, setting clear expectations for the prompt receipt of their orders.

2.5     Should any unforeseen circumstances arise that could potentially impact the stipulated delivery time, our customer service team will promptly communicate with customers to address any concerns or provide necessary updates.

2.6.     Our commitment to efficient and timely service extends to our delivery timelines. For all destinations within the United Kingdom, we guarantee a swift delivery time of 2 working days from the date of order processing, excluding weekends and public holidays.

2.7    For specific shipping details, please refer to the table below.



3.1.     We proudly partner with Royal Mail as our chosen delivery service provider to ensure a reliable and efficient delivery network for our valued customers. Royal Mail, renowned for its commitment to service excellence, particularly through its Tracked 48 service, aligns with our dedication to providing a seamless and tracked delivery experience.

3.2.     The Royal Mail Tracked 48 service offers customers the assurance of a monitored delivery process, allowing them to track their orders in real-time from dispatch to delivery. This transparency enhances the overall customer experience and builds trust in our commitment to the secure and timely receipt of their purchases.

3.3.     Our collaboration with Royal Mail reflects our commitment to aligning with reputable and established partners in the logistics industry. This strategic choice ensures that our customers benefit from the extensive reach and reliability that Royal Mail brings to the delivery process.

3.4.     We aim to provide our customers with not only reliable delivery but also the peace of mind that comes with the ability to monitor the progress of their orders at every stage, and if required, we may change our delivery provider.

3.5.     We've chosen the Royal Mail Tracked 48 service for secure and tracked deliveries, eliminating the need for a mandatory signature to provide flexibility for our customers. This decision aligns with our commitment to a streamlined and hassle-free delivery experience, ensuring convenience without compromising security.

3.6.     Customers can trust that our collaboration with Royal Mail reflects our commitment to ensuring their orders are handled with the utmost care and delivered securely, contributing to a positive and reliable shopping experience.


4.1.     We assert ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights associated with our goods and services, encompassing, but not limited to, downloadable products such as recipes and prescription packs. These Intellectual Property Rights include patents, rights to inventions, copyrights, trademarks, business names, domain names, and other related rights.

4.2.     The term "Intellectual Property Rights" includes both registered and unregistered rights, covering patents, copyrights, trademarks, database rights, and all similar or equivalent rights worldwide, including the right to apply for, renew, or extend such rights.

4.3.     Our ownership of Intellectual Property Rights extends to confidential information, know-how, and all other forms of intellectual property protection, whether currently existing or developed in the future.

4.4.     Customers are prohibited from reproducing, distributing, or using any materials, including downloadable products, without explicit authorization. This restriction safeguards our Intellectual Property Rights and maintains the exclusivity of our products and services.

4.5.     In the event of any infringement or unauthorized use of our Intellectual Property Rights, we reserve the right to pursue legal action and seek appropriate remedies under applicable laws.


5.1.     The cost of delivery, as displayed on our website, encompasses a transparent and upfront pricing structure for the convenience of our customers. This ensures clarity regarding additional charges related to the delivery of our products.

5.2.     During the order process, customers will receive detailed information about when we intend to provide the products. For ongoing services, we communicate the timeline and methods for ending the contract during the order process, ensuring transparency in our service commitments.

5.3     Any delay in the supply of products due to unforeseen events outside our control prompts immediate communication with customers. While we take steps to minimize such delays, we acknowledge that certain circumstances may arise, and customers will be informed promptly, with steps taken to mitigate any resulting effects.

5.4.     In instances where a delivery cannot be made due to the unavailability of the recipient, alternative arrangements, such as rearranging delivery or collection from a local depot, will be communicated. This ensures that customers are well-informed and have options available to them in case of a failed delivery.

5.5.     Efforts to re-establish contact and redeliver products after a failed attempt underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction. However, if these efforts prove unsuccessful, and customers cannot be reached, we retain the right to end the contract.

5.6.     The responsibility for the product shifts to the customer upon delivery or collection from our premises. Any required information for successful product supply is communicated during the order process, emphasizing the importance of accurate and timely information provision by the customer.

5.7.     The suspension of product supply may occur under certain circumstances, such as technical issues, regulatory changes, or customer-requested changes. Customers are informed in advance of such suspensions, and if prolonged, adjustments to pricing are made to reflect the suspended period.

5.8.     Customers are reminded of their obligation to provide necessary information for successful product supply. Failure to do so may result in contract termination or additional charges, ensuring a fair and transparent approach to product delivery.

5.9.     While we reserve the right to suspend product supply for specific reasons, our commitment remains to provide timely, transparent, and efficient services. Customers are encouraged to communicate any concerns or specific requirements, ensuring a collaborative and customer-centric approach to product delivery.


6.1.     Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing clarity on potential custom duties associated with international orders. Customers placing orders for delivery outside the UK should be aware that additional charges, such as customs duties or taxes, may apply based on the destination country's regulations.

6.2.     The responsibility for understanding and covering any applicable custom duties rests with the customer. These charges are beyond our control and are determined by the customs authorities of the receiving country.

6.3.     Customers are advised to familiarize themselves with their country's custom policies to anticipate any additional costs associated with the import of our products. This proactive approach ensures transparency and avoids unexpected financial implications.

6.4.     In the event that a customer refuses to pay the required custom duties, resulting in the return of the products, we reserve the right to deduct any associated return costs from the customer's refund.

6.5.     Our customer service team is available to address inquiries regarding custom duties, providing guidance and support to enhance the overall customer experience.


    7.1.     In the event of any challenges related to the delivery process, we highly recommend that customers promptly reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Our team is committed to addressing and resolving any concerns to ensure a positive and satisfactory customer experience.

    7.2.     We want to emphasize that certain delivery delays or issues may arise due to external factors beyond our control, such as customs clearance processes, public holidays, or unforeseen natural disasters. While we strive for timely deliveries, we acknowledge these external influences and appreciate our customers' understanding in such circumstances.


    Should a package be deemed undeliverable for reasons such as incorrect address details, refusal at the point of delivery, or the inability to arrange re-delivery, it is imperative to note that the customer assumes responsibility for return shipping costs. Additionally, a restocking fee may be applied to cover administrative and logistical expenses associated with the undeliverable package.

    Our commitment to efficient and accurate deliveries necessitates customer cooperation in providing accurate address information and facilitating successful delivery attempts. By adhering to these guidelines, customers contribute to a smoother shipping process.


    9.1.     As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we reserve the right to update our Shipping Policy. Any modifications made to the policy will become effective immediately upon publication on our official website. We encourage customers to stay informed about our policies by regularly checking our website for updates.
    9.2.     By continuing to use our website and services after any changes to the Shipping Policy, customers implicitly indicate their acceptance of the revised terms. This ongoing usage signifies a mutual agreement between the customer and our company regarding the updated Shipping Policy.


    For any inquiries, clarifications, or concerns related to our Shipping Policy, customers are encouraged to reach out to our responsive customer service team. Contact details can be found in the designated Contact Information section on our website. Our team is dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of our shipping practices.

    Last updated 19 March 2024