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The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book

The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book

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We have recipes for both options in the guide. We have preparation and storage guides for both options.

Yes, we’ve included a puppy feeding plan, recipes for pregnant dogs and adult recipes.

Homemade diets, made in batches, is the most cost effective way to feed your dog. The food is cheaper, but infinitely healthier, than the Vet diets.

We provided batch quantities, so you can make the food once a week or once every two weeks.

To create the ultimate diet you must be able to personalise the recipes. But you don’t know which ingredients work I hear you say? If you’re unsure of what works and what does not, we suggest the digestion plan, as that would be better suited to working out a diet for your dog. If you know, then the ultimate guide is going to be perfect for you.

Your search for the right dog food ends today. 

This recipe guide is perfect for health-conscious dog owners frustrated with damaging processed foods and expensive premium dog foods that can cause discomfort due to a few ingredients upsetting sensitive tummies. 

I work with dogs every day, everything I do is based on the latest dog health science and I wanted to create this guide so you can end that long search for the correct information.  And trust me, this will teach you how to make the best food for your dog CHEAPER than most of the "premium" and "healthy" brands out there. 

With this guide, YOU have the power to become your dog’s health advisor. This will guide you through every stage of your dog’s life and their dietary needs. From puppy to senior dog.

I simply love dogs and they deserve long lives with energy, happiness, and a shiny coat to show off. 

What’s inside:

  • Recipes for improved digestion, immune system boost, and healthier skin and coat for your dog.
  • Homemade recipes are simple to make, cost-effective and the healthiest option.
  • Puppy feeding guide included
  • Raw and cooked food recipes
  • Tips for transitioning your dog to a raw diet, including gradually introducing new foods and monitoring your dog's health.
  • One guide to rule them all - this is the only guide you need for any dog breed. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Michael Nutt
Idiots guide to homemade dog food

I used to feed my 2 yr old Pug Hugo, overly processed kibble, believing all the multimillion pound advertising from the large multinational companies thinking I was giving my little mate the best food money could buy. Then one day I came across Cam on YouTube talking about making homemade food and its benefits, compared to all the rubbish I’d been feeding him. After the initial pangs of guilt, realising I’d been knowingly giving him stuff that was he was potentially harmful to him. Even having watched most of Cam’s videos, I still felt a little apprehensive about attempting to make homemade dog food for Hugo myself. I decided to buy Cam’s Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book. Things were explained so well and everything was pretty much worked out for me. Hugo loves these recipes and is a much better dog for. Shinier coat, better skin and best of all, no more stinky, sloppy poos to pick up. In fact, he only usually goes once a day now. I also took Cam’s advice and now only feed him one meal a day, which he’s now fine with. Thanks again Cam.

Gary Caulfield
Dog Food is not just Dog Food

Fifty years ago, I had a dog and it was standard to feed your dog some dry dog food with a can of the most popular wet dog food. It was Alpo. Now, Cam comes along to let us know that dog food is not just dog food. Dog food are vitamins. Dog food are minerals. Dog food is medicine.
So when I got my "Yorkie Poo" I watched videos of Cam and decided to try some of his recipes by downloading, The Ultimate Homemade Dog and Puppy Recipe Book. Even though my dog loves to eat, I have never seen a 9 year old dog so energized by making a recipe from Cam's book. Cam has changed my way of what to feed my dog. His recipes are simple, balanced and nutritious. So there may be an argument for giving dogs a "seat at the table", but it is unquestionable e about giving the dog our nutritious food "on the table". Thank you and Chubbs thanks you too! Gary

YEAH! Nutritionist developed Recipes of Balanced Nutrition for Dogs!

Finally a Nutritionist written dog food recipe book that guides me in making my dog's wonderful meals that offer balanced nutrition. Easy to follow Recipes that are easy to make and at the same time, makes me feel confident that I'm feeding balanced meals for ultimatum health. I can control the ingredients and ensure her meals are healthy and made with human quality/grade food. I know where the ingredients came from too. Without the Dog Nutritionist, I wouldn't be able to provide my dog with the healthiest, varied diet available. I'm in the USA and had not been able to find any comprehensive books with varied recipes written by a Nutritionist for lay people that has easily acquired ingredients.

Hailey LEE
This book is essential.

First, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Cam. I was very confused about how to feed my dog and provide them with the right nutrition while raising a dog. Many vets recommended commercial dog food, and nowadays, I've heard a lot about how scientifically formulated dog food is the best. However, I believed that even if the dog food was well-made, nutrients might be lost during the refining process, and I felt guilty as a dog owner for giving my dog food that felt like snacks for their entire life. To bring joy to my dog's life, I wanted to feed them real, fresh food instead of commercial dog food, and I'm so happy to have learned about "The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book" through Cam. I cook a variety of dishes for our dog Tori every week using different recipes from the book. It's a valuable and informative book, and I've learned a lot about dog health. Thank you.

Jody Sabral
Simply the best!

Cam’s approach to dog nutrition makes feeding your doggy food that will help him/her thrive so easy. The book has some practical recipes that anyone can do. I switched my dog to raw a couple years back and he has shaken off many of his health issues such as inflammation in his joints and skin allergies. He now runs like an athlete. I love how I feel so much more confident about feeding raw since coming across Cam’s book. My boy is a Greek street dog and he just did his first modelling job for a campaign by ancestry’s new pet DNA test. I can’t stress how much this has come down to his nutrition. Cam’s book and ethos has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of what is good for my boy in a really simple way. He offers great insight and honestly I can’t recommend this book enough. Every dog owner should have a copy!!! I travel to Italy a lot with Blue and needed to start mixing my own raw food because I couldn’t find it here, this book helped me achieve that. Every dog owner who knows Cam’s work should share his page because it’s simple the best! Dogs deserve the benefits of great nutrition. Thank you Cam!