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The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book

The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book

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We have recipes for both options in the guide. We have preparation and storage guides for both options.

Yes, we’ve included a puppy feeding plan, recipes for pregnant dogs and adult recipes.

Homemade diets, made in batches, is the most cost effective way to feed your dog. The food is cheaper, but infinitely healthier, than the Vet diets.

We provided batch quantities, so you can make the food once a week or once every two weeks.

To create the ultimate diet you must be able to personalise the recipes. But you don’t know which ingredients work I hear you say? If you’re unsure of what works and what does not, we suggest the digestion plan, as that would be better suited to working out a diet for your dog. If you know, then the ultimate guide is going to be perfect for you.


Your search for the right dog food ends today. Health-changing natural raw and cooked food recipes. 

This recipe guide is perfect for health-conscious dog owners frustrated with damaging processed foods and expensive premium dog foods that can cause discomfort due to a few ingredients upsetting sensitive tummies. 

I work with dogs every day, everything I do is based on the latest dog health science and I wanted to create this guide so you can end that long search for the correct information.  And trust me, this will teach you how to make the best food for your dog CHEAPER than most of the "premium" and "healthy" brands out there. 

With this guide, YOU have the power to become your dog’s health advisor. This will guide you through every stage of your dog’s life and their dietary needs. From puppy to senior dog.

I simply love dogs and they deserve long lives with energy, happiness, and a shiny coat to show off. 

What’s inside:

  • Recipes for improved digestion, immune system boost, and healthier skin and coat for your dog.
  • Homemade recipes are simple to make, cost-effective and the healthiest option.
  • Puppy feeding guide included
  • Raw and cooked food recipes
  • Tips for transitioning your dog to a raw diet, including gradually introducing new foods and monitoring your dog's health.
  • One guide to rule them all - this is the only guide you need for any dog breed. 
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The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book
The Ultimate Homemade Dog & Puppy Food Recipe Book
Regular price $26.00 USD
Regular price $52.00 USD Sale price $26.00 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
P & A
Just Makes Sense! No going back now...

Excellent recipe/guide book, very pleased we to be cooking homemade meals for our dogs. Two words from Isla & Luís: Dachshund Approved!

Bianca B.

Very happy with it, very easy to follow the recipe and the pictures helps a lot. I love it! Thank you thank you !👌👌👌

Tracey Todd
Game Changer

I stumbled over The Dog Nutritionist on Instagram never planning on making my dogs home cooked meals. Well how glad I am that I did. I cannot explain how passionate I have become over dog nutrition, I have become a total bore!!
My dogs are literally glowing with good health after a month or so of these meals, they are so excited about their meals now (one very fussy terrier is now a complete hog)
The joy this gives me is immense. I’ve tried every type of high end complete food, both raw and cooked and I don’t see ever going back. Thank you Cam for making this so easy and making home cooked dog food so accessible to all. Truly grateful.

Can you send one to dog rescue in Essex gratis?

We will read and recommend. We hate kibble.
Lu Scott
Animalactiontrust Essex

Yes, absolutely. I have sent a copy to you.

Really good and helpful inspired me to cook for my dogs

Two dogs where one will easy any thing ,
My GSD is 8 months and has how fussy . The more I look at kibble and what’s not in it and it just looks boring …