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Custom Health Support (for ill dogs)

Custom Health Support (for ill dogs)

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Up to 45 mins, sometimes a little longer if necessary.

Two months of email support form an expert canine nutritionist to ensure the diet is exactly right for your dog.

It’s very rare we come across a situation that we haven’t dealt with before. But our love for research is what separates us from the rest. If we don’t know exactly what to do already, we’ll find out for you using the latest peer reviewed research on canine nutrition.

Conflicting info online is anxiety inducing, and we know the decision of what you put into your dog’s food bowl every day is the most important decision you make for your dog’s health and longevity. So let’s do it right and ensure your dog lives their best life.

Homemade diets, made in batches, is the most cost effective way to feed your dog. The food is cheaper, but infinitely healthier, than the Vet diets.

We provided batch quantities, so you can make the food once a week or once every two weeks.

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I will provide personalised recommendations for your dog's diet to help improve their health and address any specific health concerns they may have. I will work with you to understand your dog's medical history, current symptoms, and any other relevant information to create a customised nutrition plan tailored to their individual needs

✔️ A nutrition plan that will address your health concerns for your dog

✔️ Natural, fresh dog food recommendations and recipes. 

✔️ Ongoing support to address any issues during transition to the new diet

✔️ Take you through the best options for ingredients and supplementation

✔️ I have helped 1000s of owners with dogs suffering from all common diseases

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Custom Health Support (for ill dogs)
Custom Health Support (for ill dogs)
Regular price £220.00 GBP
Regular price Sale price £220.00 GBP
Sale Sold out

Don’t know how powerful dog nutrition can be?

Dave the boxer was close to death after antibiotics caused a severe digestion issue. He had dropped to 16kg after trying things for 6 months. Watch the video, you won't believe how things turned around.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
tyra platt
Helped our frenchie

Cam was amazing with helping our Frenchie! He was suffering from acid reflux in his throat and throwing up 4 times a day from normal kibble we spoke to vet they told us to go on a prescription diet but after consulting with Cam we weaned him and he’s now comfortable and gained weight back a healthy and happy puppy!

I highly suggest if you’re even thinking about it to give cam recipes or consultations a go!

Thank you again!

Adriana Nógrádyová
Great to work with

Our nearly 12 years old Boxer Dexter started to have some health issues last year and as everyone else I run to the vet who prescribed him prescription food Roayl Canin and told me this will be his food for the rest of his life. Dexter started to be incontinent, and I assumed it is age related. I found Cam, and I wish I did a lot earlier. The day I stopped giving Dexter kibble was the day he stopped wearing dog diapers( he was on them 24/7 for 3 months). The vet said it is nothing to do with the kibble and to carry on or change to Hills. Cam is so knowledgeable and kind. After the conversation with Cam I started to feel much better - that there is someone who understands dogs and that you don't need to search on the Internet months with all the conflicting informations because there is a miracle called Cam who will answer your questions and concerns. I cannot thank him enough. It is a pleasure to knowing you. Adriana

Helen Ottewill
Helpful, knoweledgable and professional

I reached out to Cam, having found him on YouTube, when one of my dogs started to show signs of allergies. She was scratching lot's and losing large clumps of hair as well as lacking energy and a general loss of 'sparkle'. I booked a consultation for both my dogs as I felt that the processed diet was causing our problems. I found Cam to be helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. Within weeks of changing to Cam's recipes both my dogs improved greatly. Their coats and skin are much better, hair loss has stopped and the scratching has greatly reduced. Both dogs seem much happier and definitely have their 'sparkle' back. I would hole heartily recommend Cam and his feeding approach. With his support I have felt confident making the change as well as supported by Cam with any questions that I have had. Change your dog to this way of feeding, your dog will love you for it.

Chris G
Happy owner

The food my vet recommended wasn’t working. I was very stressed. Cam’s method was easy to implement and my dog is better than ever.

Suzie Hill
Great result

No longer spending hours researching symptoms. Got my happy dog back and saving money on dog food.