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Meal Topper Multi-Vitamin by The Dog Nutritionist

Meal Topper Multi-Vitamin by The Dog Nutritionist

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Yes, anytime, we hate the thought of trapping owners on a subscription. We make it easy to get the quantity you need.

Yes, the formula includes wonderful functional herbs that humans use in cooking. When mixed properly with the food, it gives the smell of a quality human meal (what dogs perceive to be the good stuff).

That depends on the size of your dog and how often you use it.

There are 60 servings for a small dog 10-20kg. If your dog is larger there are 45 servings, and for really big dogs there are 30 servings.

We recommend daily use or every other day.

100% natural Dried Blackberry, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Seaweed, Sage, Thyme, Reishi Mushroom, Spirulina and Nettle.

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"It is a fantastic blend, high in nutrients and my dog loves it which is a bonus. He's happy and healthy with a shiny coat, couldn't ask for more" - June, verified review. 

Elevate your furry friend's wellness with my Multi-Vitamin Powder, a meticulously researched blend that seamlessly integrates into every meal, providing a powerhouse of essential nutrients without any toxic coatings. All of this in every scoop: 

🌾Allergy relief
🍵Soothing Gut Health Aid
🐛 Intestinal Hygiene
🌿Calming natural herbs
🍄Mushroom support for Immune System
🦴Joint and bone health

💨Fresh breath support
🐶Thyroid health support
🌊Source of iodine - Seaweed
🌻Source of Vitamin E - Sunflower Seeds
🍇Source of Manganese - Blackberries

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Ingredients:  Dried Blackberry, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Seaweed, Sage, Thyme, Reishi Mushroom, Spirulina, Nettle.

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Meal Topper Multi-Vitamin by The Dog Nutritionist
Meal Topper Multi-Vitamin by The Dog Nutritionist
Regular price £28.50 GBP
Regular price Sale price £28.50 GBP
Sale Sold out

Don’t know how powerful dog nutrition can be?

Dave the boxer was close to death after antibiotics caused a severe digestion issue. He had dropped to 16kg after trying things for 6 months. Watch the video, you won't believe how things turned around.


How much is in the pouch and how long will it last?

The packet is 180g. A serving is one teaspoon and there are 60 servings in a pack. Based on dog weight, the recommended daily serving is:

Up to 10kg - 1 tsp (lasts 60 days)

10kg - 20kg - 2 tsp (lasts 30 days)

20kg - 40kg - 3 tsp (lasts 20 days)

40kg - 4 tsp (lasts 15 days).

How long will it take to see results?

This varies from dog to dog. Most owners report results in a couple of weeks but please allow 4-6 weeks before expecting to see improvements. A factor of this could depend on the severity of their issues; another could be the size of your dog.

I always recommend using it in conjunction with a nutritious feeding plan.

How much of each ingredient is there in each serve?

Sunflower Seeds  (750mg). Pumpkin Seeds (500mg). Dried Blackberry (400mg). Nettle (400mg). Seaweed (250mg). Sage (200mg). Thyme (200mg). Reishi (150mg). Organic Spirulina (150mg).

Do you have any feeding tips?

It’s recommended to sprinkle on top of their food. Mix it in if you wish but most dogs love the smell and taste!

Can I use more than one supplement at a time?

Yes, but we don't recommend you use other supplements daily alongside our own. If you have multiple supplements, please alternate their use.

Do you have a money back guarantee? 

Yes! In the event that your pet isn't our biggest fan or you don't see the results that you were hoping for, you can contact us to take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee.

Read more here.

Can I feed this to my puppy?


Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Emma Campbell
New Diet

My senior Bully X Lulu has been using the Meal Topper Multi Vitamin daily for the last 6 wks. Along with Cam's homemade recipes the difference in her is remarkable.
She is a Spanish rescue I adopted from a kill centre at approximately 8 years old. She is now 12 and for the last 4 years I've overfed her the recommended amount of high quality kibble daily.
She never gained weight and to me was on the skinny side.
In six weeks she's sporting a glossy coat has a nicely rounded ribcage (@ last) and her toilet habits (No2) has dramatically reduced. She's more content and settled too. Thank you everso Cam! 😊💞🐾💃

Linde Carr
Peace of mind

When I buy this multi vitamin I know Cam has invested his time in producing the best product for my little Angel so I have no second thoughts.

Thanks for your kind words, Linde.

Charlotte Moffatt
Fabulous stuff

My two golden retrievers are thriving on this stuff - smells amazing too!! Perfect supplement to their raw diets!

That's great! Thanks for the review.

Tracy J
Great stuff

We discovered Cam on You Tube when our Labrador developed pancreatitis and every commercial dog food (including vet recommended) caused the worst symptoms.! Cam devised a meal plan along with this multivitamin sprinkle. It was a life changer for all of us and I will never go back. This sprinkle smells so healthy and both my Labrador’s love it!

So happy to hear they love it!

Dogs Love It

Smells good, both dogs are still licking the bowl clean long after its empty - and its great to see an ingredients list that reads like a store cupboard shopping list rather than a chemistry experiment.

Thank you so much, Donna! Nothing beats natural ingredients.