What NOT to buy your dog for Christmas

What NOT to buy your dog for Christmas

While it's wonderful that we want to treat our dogs during the holiday season, there are some things you should avoid buying for your dog for Christmas. I’ve also provided a few recommendations of what you should be buying your dog.

Token treats
There are so many Christmas themed treats for dogs, and most of them are filled with crap. Remember, dog food businesses treat owners like cereal companies treat children. If it’s got enticing colourful packaging, and it’s mimicking a human food, it’s probably rubbish.

If there's red and green packaging, it’s a themed token treat. Don’t fall for it!

Plastic Chews
Many plastic chew products contain harmful chemicals, even BPA-free is not safe to be eaten, and dogs most certainly swallow small amounts of dangerous chemicals from their chew toys. People think Kong’s are amazing, but chewing on any type of plastic is far from recommended (from a health standpoint). It’s carcinogenic, disrupts hormones, disturbs the gut microbiome and is obviously just weird.

Colour full fur toys
Coated with colourful but toxic dye, fake plastic material fur. Don’t let that stuff into your dog’s mouth.

Clothing that restricts movement
Some dogs enjoy wearing clothes, especially those with short coats. But for dogs with actual coats, doubling up is not recommended. It’s restricting, causes them to overheat and is counter intuitive. They’ve got coats on already.

Strong-scented items
Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, and some scents can be overwhelming or irritating to them. Be cautious with strongly scented candles, perfumes, or other items. Any shampoo you buy should be made with all natural products and only lightly scented.

Items with small bells or squeakers
While dogs often enjoy toys with noise-makers, small bells or squeakers can be enticing to dogs to try and chew or swallow. Also, they’re normally in toys covered in dye.

What to buy your dog for Christmas?
A commitment to going out on longer walks.
DIY Christmas meal from your leftovers. (See video)
A steak, or chicken breast, turkey of course.
Raw bones.
Of course, my multivitamin. Subscribe and commit to keeping your dog healthier going into 2024!

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