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The Dog Nutritionist Recipe Book


This is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about dog food and dog nutrition. It’s time to stop trawling through all that terrible information online, or listening to those not so up to date, but well-meaning, other dog owners.

Find all the accurate information you could ever need, all in one place.

In my guide you’ll get all this:

  • Cam’s dog nutrition guide
  • Two Everyday Recipes
  • Three Complete Recipes
  • One Breakfast Recipe
  • Learn how to make your own homemade dog food recipes
  • All the recipes
  • Low cost, high quality meat suppliers
  • Discount codes to recommended dog foods
  • Videos on how to make the food, raw and cooked
  • How much to feed your dog guide
  • Food transition guide

Everything you need to become an expert dog nutritionist.

Why the The Dog Nutritionist Recipe Book?

Recipes created and balanced by Cam, The Dog Nutritionist.

Discount codes to meat suppliers and recommended dog food companies.

Videos on how to make dog food. It's so simple!

You'll learn how to make your own bespoke recipes for your dog.

You'll save up to £1000 per year by deciding to make your own meals.

Nutritional Breakdown

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Other nutritional info

  • Complete “Superfood” Recipes
  • Standard “Everyday” Recipes
  • Quick “Leftovers” Recipe
  • Gut Health “Breakfast” Recipe

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