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Digestion Recipes

Digestion Recipes

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We have recipes for both options in the guide. We have preparation and storage guides for both options.

Yes, we’ve included a puppy feeding plan, recipes for pregnant dogs and adult recipes.

Homemade diets, made in batches, is the most cost effective way to feed your dog. The food is cheaper, but infinitely healthier, than the Vet diets.

We provided batch quantities, so you can make the food once a week or once every two weeks.

To create the ultimate diet you must be able to personalise the recipes. But you don’t know which ingredients work I hear you say? If you’re unsure of what works and what does not, we suggest the digestion plan, as that would be better suited to working out a diet for your dog. If you know, then the ultimate guide is going to be perfect for you.

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If your dog has symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, weight loss and flatulence - then this is the plan for you. 

These health plans help dog owners introduce the nutrition required to support them through illness without needing a consultation with myself (consultation = £220). 

These plans have been formulated through providing the exact same advice with multiple dog owners experiencing the same issue. You may be thinking £35 for an e-book is expensive, well - let me tell you what other customers experience when they follow what’s in this e-book:

  • They see a remarkable improvement 
  • They don’t have to pay for a consultation with me
  • Delivered to your inbox straight away so you can get started
  • The e-book can be updated with new information as it comes to light and you will receive a new free copy automatically 
  • Fewer trips to the vet. 

The e-book isn’t the product, it’s the lifetime of value and peace of mind you get from having a healthier dog. 

  • My plan requires fresh, whole ingredients and no processed foods (processed foods are often the culprit) 
  • Backed by science to reduce inflammation and improve digestion
  • Step-by-step plan to get your dog back to their happy and healthy best
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Digestion Recipes
Digestion Recipes
Regular price £35.00 GBP
Regular price £70.00 GBP Sale price £35.00 GBP
Sale Sold out

Don’t know how powerful dog nutrition can be?

Dave the boxer was close to death after antibiotics caused a severe digestion issue. He had dropped to 16kg after trying things for 6 months. Watch the video, you won't believe how things turned around.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kim M
Major improvement

The digestive health plan really helped me with my Frenchie who was having recurrent diarrhoea. I wish I had the information before spending so much money at the vet, on different brands of food and medication. She is so much better now and her itching and paw chewing has drastically reduced. I think she is much calmer now as well.

Olivia Brown
Amazing Results for Digestion

The change in my dog's digestion is incredible. No more upset stomachs, and he loves the food.

Sophia Moore
Gentle and Effective for Sensitive Stomachs

These recipes have been so gentle on my dog's sensitive stomach. Seeing a big difference. As dog owners know, it's all in the poo.

Amelia Taylor
Remarkable Change in Digestive Health

I'm amazed at the improvement in my dog's digestive health since starting these recipes.

Ethan Walker
A Lifesaver for Digestive Issues

After trying these digestion recipes, my dog's chronic digestive issues have almost vanished.