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Hypoallergenic Recipes

Hypoallergenic Recipes

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Has helped over 1000 customers. One month email support

  • Learn about what’s actually causing these reactions and fix it
  • Control and test ingredients to reduce the risk of allergen exposure
  • This plan can help to alleviate the symptoms of food allergies and provide your dog with a more natural and healthy diet that supports the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation and promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • Backed by science to give you peace of mind
  • One month email support from our nutritionists
  • Step by step plan to get you dog back to their happy and healthy best
  • This plans has helped over 1000 of my customers

We have recipes for both options in the guide. We have preparation and storage guides for both options.

To create the ultimate diet you must be able to personalise the recipes. But you don’t know which ingredients work I hear you say? If you’re unsure of what works and what does not, we suggest the digestion plan, as that would be better suited to working out a diet for your dog. If you know, then the ultimate guide is going to be perfect for you.

Yes, we provided an info sheet on minimising exposure to these. Correct diet will also support the immune system and therefore reduce sensitivity and reactivity.

Allergy tests are never accurate, and results need to be physically tested. This guide will help you through the process, but also provide a vegan recipe to be used with the goal of reintroducing meat in small amounts of time (this is immunotherapy).

Homemade diets, made in batches, is the most cost effective way to feed your dog. The food is cheaper, but infinitely healthier, than the Vet diets.

We provided batch quantities, so you can make the food once a week or once every two weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Isla Davis

This guide has been instrumental in improving my dog's health. The homemade diets are not only healthier but also cheaper than vet diets. I appreciate the flexibility to personalize the recipes based on my dog's needs with Cam's help. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my dog's energy levels and digestion.

George Wilson
Good result

I was worried about my dog's food allergies and this guide provided the perfect solution. The recipes are easy to follow and my dog loves them.

Ava Johnson
Helped my dog

The Hypoallergenic Recipes guide has been a game-changer for my dog's health. The meals are easy to prepare and my dog loves them. The guide has helped us understand and manage my dog's allergies effectively. Highly recommend!

Joshua Wiljoen
Helped our staffy a lot

If you would like your dog to eat properly and healthy The Dog Nutritionist is the place to go.
Ever since I spoke to Cam the Dog Nutritionist he has helped my Staffy Milo so much. Before speaking to him we were constantly going to visit the vet for little health problems on his skin. Spending hundreds and giving him medication like steroids but once we followed Cam's recipe, it was an instant change we have never been to the vet since.

Thank you Cam

Nadine Mahrousi
Helped with allergies

Hey its nadine from lebanon i am thankful for both jack and elias for recommending the best nutritionist Cam, my dog was suffering from skin allergy due to a bad diet plan but after Cam’s consultation am proudly happy with the results and my dog feels so much better than before. 👍👍